Lollipop Unicorn

Lollipop Unicorn Pet Adoption is about kids, hugs, pets, laughs, love, shimmery magic, dreams, and bushy tails, their funny colorful hair, rainbows and all the sweet things that make kids smile feel special and happy inside. Yes that little horse with the magical horn.

We just want to help make children’s days brighter and shinier. Hoping kids feel the love and magic of a ‘huggie buddie” adopted friend. Yes It’s magic everywhere they go. We have great unicorn gifts feel the magic! A child’s imagination is real, it’s everything, it keeps them dreaming and believing! We’re open every Sat and Sunday and will be increasing hours soon!

Lollipop Unicorn is a life sized character that loves kids & loves reading to kids

Lollipop Unicorn Pet Adoption is the best around!

We offer many activites to engage children such as:

Unicorn Tea Parties

Unicorn Readings

Unicorn Paint Parties

Unicorn Lollipop Bingo

Unicorn Lollipop Pop Up Shops

Happy Patty Kids Book Club

Come and join us in our Happy Patty Kids Book Club with our brand new Huggie Buddy Book Buddies!

Girls Beautiful Unicorn Hair Bows with Alligator Hair Clips

These unique hair bows with clips are the perfect gift for any occasion!
Birthdays, Baby Showers, Baby Gifts, Christmas and more!

Children want the same things. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained.

– Dr. Seuss 

Unicorn Lollipop Girls Club

Membership is only $5 and includes a unicorn mask. You will be included in all the activities we offer such as tea parties, bingo, ball paddle, pop up shops, cupcake and art, kidpreneurs, and more! Fill out the information below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Join Our Clubs Today!

To join any or all of our fun clubs, parents please complete form below and we will get back to you with more information!


Cute Cuddly Huggie Buddie Book Buddies

Our plush huggie buddie book buddies makes reading so much more fun! They hang on kids arms and their books. Book Buddies can also be used just like Elf On A Shelf! …We call them Pets On A Shelf! 

Hours of Fun!

Be creative! Book Buddies can be used as bracelets (they wrap around child’s wrist and arms for him or her to carry wherever they go) Comes with a pack of poop treats $9.99.
Gift Boxes (not included) $1.99.


When it comes to fairy tale beasts, bushy tails sparkling eyes and colorful hair that girls love to comb! the “unicorn” always gallops straight into kids’ hearts. encourages kids that different is kool and to always believe in themselves. Be a unicorn! Join Team Unicorn Today.


Every birthday kid deserves a birthday buddy like these Hugging Plush Birthday Cupcakes for your wrist, each plush playmates features a “blue cupcake” character wearing “red sneakers”. The birthday playmate makes great birthday gifts for kids, teachers, nurses, joggers, ill kids, and everyone.

Here Kitty Kitty

This is what kitty loving kids will say all day, kitty kitty gives you sweet purr-fect hugs and have kiddos meowing with excitement as they attach these hugging cats around their wrist, cell phones, bikes, & head phones, just as lovely as watching parents hang huggie buddie playmates around baby bottles, strollers, chair, sippy cup handles, and other tableware.

Puppy Dog

Bark, bark, bark! Oh, you can’t understand these plush pups? Allow us to translate: I want a hug! That’s right, these stuffed animals are ready to show their love to little ones. A cute paw-some addition these little doggies are cuddly, cute and certain to get kids’ tails waging. Slap one on and take your four-legged friend wherever you go—no leash required!

Baby Jesus

Let Jesus give you a hug, then take him with you everywhere! A great addition for kids embracing the love of Jesus at Home and or Sunday School these arm wrist playmates come designed with a smiling Jesus. When it comes to connecting kids to their faith, fun finds like this always entertain and engage!

Our Services

We offer special activities for kids to be able to not only engage with others but have their very own playmate.

Kid Prenuers Club

We would love for you and your huggie buddie to join us in our Kid Prenuers Club where you can win some fun prizes.

Free Birthday Kids Club

Parents & kids can join today! Send your child’s name, birthday, turning age, and their current grade and get a free treat on their cake day!

Pirates Club

Come in and join in the fun with our crew in our brand new Pirates Club! Bring one of your huggie buddies for the perfect swashbuckling experience!

Unicorn Readings

Huggie buddie playmates are the perfect way to help manage behavior in the classroom. When students are feeling overwhelmed or sad, they can take out their huggie buddie and use them as comfort.

Join Us!

Sign up for one of our special activities today and we will let you know as soon as the next event takes place!



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